Located 3° south of the equator, The glaciers of Mt Kilimanjaro glisten over the surrounding plains. Being the highest free-standing mountain in the world, it can be seen from quite a distance. Classified as a dormant volcano, it is also then highest mountain that can be climbed without technical skills and special equipment. At 5895m (19,340ft), it is also the highest mountain in Africa. There are several route options on the mountain. The Marangu Route has solar powered huts for overnight accommodations. These huts are basic dormitory style but offer greater comfort compared to the other routes where overnights are in tents. The greatest challenge in a Mt Kilimanjaro climb is overcoming sickness due to the high altitude. At the summit the oxygen content of the air is only half of what is contained at sea level. Succumbing to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is unpredictable. Even some of the fittest athletes have had to abandon a summit attempt while some which are less fit may have little difficulty. In advanced stages, AMS can be dangerous and at times deadly. Hotsun Safari guides are well trained at recognising early symptoms and making adjustments protect the health of our clients to give the best chance of a successful summit to our clients. This is reflected by Hotsun Safaris & Treks having a substantially higher summit success record than average. We promise though that we always put your health and well being first. Contact us for more information and for a price quote for your Kilimanjaro challenge.

Marangu Route
Shira Route
Machame Route
Lemosho Route
Umbwe Route
Rongai Route