1. You contact us with the tour that you are interested and any details that you may have decided regarding dates and number of people. At this stage, these do not have to be firm. Feel free to contact us even though not everything may be set in your planning.
  2. We will generally offer some additional ideas and talk to you about accommodations before and after your tour.
  3. As we work out your custom itinerary, we will be discussing pricing for each Option
  4. Once we have set an agreeable itinerary, you will be given an official price Quote
  5. After the required deposit has been made, we will reserve your accommodations and tour preparations will begin.
  6. In the event that the accommodations are not available on those dates, we will offer alternatives and may alter the total tour cost depending on differences in accommodation costs
  7. We will stay in contact with you to offer help in your tour preparations and to insure that flight details are accurate
  8. Once you arrive in Tanzania, we will be there to greet you and start you on your dream adventure.