In this outline of conditions, the term “Company” means Hotsun Safari Company Ltd (T). The term “Client” means each paying customer of the Company. While we try to keep this page updated, during the booking process, you will receive Booking Terms & Conditions again. In the event of discrepancies, that copy will be the legally binding version.

Your booking request has to be made in writing and a 50% deposit is required. The balance has to be remitted at least 20 days prior to safari commencement. All the payments should be CHARGES from our banks. We will never ask you to send money through Western Union, Money Gram or other such services. Only direct wire transfers into Hotsun Safaris bank account.e sum. The Company does not undertake to provide medical care (except to call in the flying doctors transfer service in Kenya and Tanzania) and the Company does not accept liability for any inadequate care provided.