Zanzibar (Unguja) is located just off the eastern coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean. It is accessible by ferry from Dar-es-Salaam (a city that holds no special tourist interest) or by plane from either Dar (20 minutes) or Kilimanjaro International Airport accessible (1 hour). It originated as the hub of trade between Europe, Persia, Egypt, India, China and Africa. From here the trade language of Swahili originated. It is known as one of the Spice Islands and also served as the center of the slave trade. Stone Town known for its fascinating-architecture, narrow winding passages and exotic bazaars. In the middle of the island, Jozani gardens, the remaining forest is located, which harbors many animals which are unique to the island. The beaches are world renown for their beauty, SCUBA, snorkelling and deep sea fishing. Of course, just undiluted relaxation on the white sand, palm lined beaches is also a powerful draw. Pembe is an island, which lies 80 km NE of Unguja. It sits directly east of the port of Tanga. It is equidistant from the mainland and Unguja. The island produces 75% of Tanzania’s cloves. The coral reef surrounding the island makes for some of the best scuba diving in the world. Much of island’s coast is surrounded by mangroves, but there are some great beaches.