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Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is approximately an 8 hour drive west from Moshi. The trip can be broken up by visiting Ngorongoro Crater or Lake Manyara National Park along the way. Because of the size of the park, it is advisable to plan on a few days at the park. Camping can be done inside the park for the ultimate close to nature experience or you may stay at one of the lodges or luxury permanent tented camps located within the park boundary. For the luxury experience of a lifetime, book an early morning hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti ending with a white linen breakfast with sparkling wine in the wild.

The Serengeti is also in the route of one of nature’s greatest events, the annual migration of the wildebeest. Millions of hooves, pounding the ground as they make their way across the park, followed by carnivores, ready to feast on the weak and weary. The migration is a never ending cycle but timing where the herds will be is climate dependent and can be a bit tricky to predict far in advance. See our animated migration map below to see the average monthly location. There is really no bad time to come to the Serengeti though and you will find that all the park’s fame is well deserved.

The western edge of the Serengeti extends nearly to Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the

world. Adding a few days to your trip to enjoy the lake is a great option. To see some great lakeshore lodge options, see our coastal excursions page.

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