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Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Along with the Serengeti, this is a destination that is not to be missed. Within the steep walls of the crater, you will see vast numbers of animals. All the most desired varieties of animals found in East Africa can be seen here, excepting giraffe, which cannot negotiate the crater’s incline. Technically this is a caldera rather than a crater (a crater is by definition limited to a smaller size) and the backdrop of the caldera’s walls creates a beauty and is the conservation area’s trademark. You will see the Maasai with their herds among the wild game found in the caldera. Because of the fragility of ecosystem here, overnights are not allowed inside of the caldera, including the Maasai who have to vacate the caldera each night. The surrounding highlands has some great camping or lodge options however with some fantastic scenery overlooking the caldera.

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