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The packing list is identical for Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru or Mt Kenya. All packing list items can be rented locally.

Sun glasses (1) Walking sticks/poles (2) Expedition pack (1) Day pack (1) Sleeping bag (preferably rated to 0°) (1) Headlamp(1)- with spare bulb and extra batteries Camp towel (1) Pocket knife (1) 1quart water bottles-(3) Sun cream and lip balm Travel wallet (1) Camera Extra batteries Leather hiking boots (Remember to waterproof your boots before you leave home) (1 pair) Tennis shoes or light hikers (1 pair) Wool or polypro socks – medium/heavyweight (2 pairs) Sun hat (1) Balaclava (1) Gaiters (1) Energy bars Other snacks, energy gel and jerky Cipro (GI, general antibiotic) (doses) Diamox (altitude) (doses) Iodine/water purification tabs (1 bottle) Headache medicine (as needed) Imodium (diarrhea medicine) (as needed) Pepto or Antacid (Rolaids) rolls (stomach acid medicine) (as needed) Cold/Flu tabs (as needed) Polypro shirt, sock liners and underwear (2 of each) Polypro long underwear (top & bottom) (1) Hiking shorts (1) Moleskin for blisters (at least 3 sheets) HandWipes (as needed) Hiking pants (1) Wool or fleece sweater/pull-over (2) Rain/wind-proof (Goretex) shell jacket (1) Insulated rain/wind (Goretex) climbing pants (1) Wool or fleece gloves – medium weight (1) Wind/waterproof gloves — heavy weight (1) Wool or synthetic stocking cap – windproof (1) Band-Aids (as needed)-Locks for baggage (as needed)